Un océano de paz en el Sistema Ibérico

Wine route

        Leave Tobed up the road towards Codos. Just before this village turn left. You'll drive up and down the Pass of Aguarón, surrounded by holm oaks, near Peak Valdemadera. Pass Aguaron and you'll soon be in Cariñena (WEB), center of an important wine growing area. (Designation of Origin  Cariñena). In its numerous cellars you can freely taste the different wines and buy the one best suited to your palate. You can also visit its Wine Museum.  (WEB).

(For more Designations of Origin nearby ask the owners of Casa "El Molino")

Views of wine growing in Cariñena

            At 20 Km. from Cariñena you can fish, picnic and trek along the reservoir "Embalse de Las Torcas", near Tosos, a really quiet place , with trees around the long reservoir. To arrive in there at 11 Km from Cariñena you must take road CV-102 on the right and then a asphaltless track and through a tunnel you arrive at the reservoir wall, then you can park and enjoy the sight.

Reservoir "Las Torcas"

            Coming back to road A-220, if you have the time you can well visit Fuendetodos, birthplace of the painter Francisco de Goya, international figure in XVIII - XIX century painting. (WEB). In Fuendetodos you can see the humble house where he was born, and also a permanent exhibition of etchings from several artists who visit the place leaving their works as an homage to the maestro.

Goya's birthplace in Fuendetodos

            If you still feel adventurous, you can also visit Belchite, with its impressive remains of the Spanish Civil War. In fact, the rest of the bombed town are there still as they were in 1939.

Remains of one of Belchite's churches and adjourning buildings.


 Near Belchite there's the bird reserve "El Planerón", with several rare species of steppe birds, such as the the Dupont lark. (WEB).

Dupont lark

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