Un océano de paz en el Sistema Ibérico

Mudejar route

              From Tobed you can start a jorney through several villages in the area who also keep jewels of Aragonese mudejar art. It will be a vist essentially artistic you it must be taken into account its length if you travel with people not xpecially interested in art, children, ...

              In there you'll visit small valleys where traditional rural life can be appreciated beside the important brick monuments. The following map shows the way with the main places highlighted in purple dots and lines.

             You can start your journey by travelling to Codos, then using the road on the right (A 1504) you come to the valley of Perejiles with many small villages (Miedes, Mara (remains of Iberian town of Segeda), Belmonte (birthplace of the writer Baltasar Gracián), Villalba and Torres to arrive in  Calatayud without using the motorway. There you can take the road on the right to Soria N 234 to visit the valley of Ribota with very interesting fortress-churches, Torralba de Ribota, Cervera de la Cañada and Aniñón. When coming back, if you take a detour you can see the remains of the Roman town of Bilbilis, near Clatayud, where the famous Latin poet Marcial ("Epigrams") was born and died.


Mudejar churches in Torralba, Cervera and Aniñón

             From Calatayud, another complementary of substitutive option of the previous itineray is visiting the valley of Jiloca, by crossing the river Jalón and using the road N 234. In there the places worth a visit are the mudejar churches in Maluenda and Morata de Jiloca.

Two views of the churches of Maluenda and Morata de Jiloca

            If you haven't still seen the mudejar of Calatayud, you can visit some places, specially the churches of Santa María and San Andrés.

       View of the towers of San Andrés and Santa María in Calatayud.

        If you're very fond of mudejar art, there are many more options in our land (La Seo, y La Magdalena in Zaragoza, the catheral and churches in Tarazona, the mudejar towers in Teruel, ...). If you look for more information, click on the following WEB.

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