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The following are the most common questions which we receive from customers, and our answers and solutions:

How shall we pay? Once agreed,  the customers phone/email us with their details and we send them our bank international (IBAN) number (or Paypal account) where the down payment of 25% can be paid. The remaining money is paid directly to the owners when entering the house.
Do you charge VAT? No. Home rentals in Aragón under the selfcatering system aren't charged VAT as we don't offer other services (restaurant, cleaning, ...)
Is down payment reimbursed if we change our mind after paying it? No. We don't reimburse down payments. However,  if clients decide they won't come in the period they booked, we keep the deposit for 12 months for them  to choose another alternative booking here, for which the initial down payment is equally valid. That way  they don't waste their money.
Do you ask for a deposit? Yes, we always charge 100€ deposit in the beginning. If everything is right we reimburse it when leaving the premises.
How many people can fit in the house? The standard capacity is 10 people in House "El Molino" and 4 people in Loft "El Granero". If more places are needed, there's the option of 4 more places in the house (2 sofa-beds in the lounge) and 2 more in the loft (1 sofa-bed). Each person extra pays 50€ for over-occupancy.

Is the home isolated?

No, it's an independent estate, with thick stone walls which isolate it from the outside, but it's only in a corner of the village, so you can come anywhere in Tobed in 5 minutes.

Has the house got a swimming pool?

No, there isn't one in it, but in summer the local pool, at 100 m. from the house, opens and our custommers, by agreement with the townhall, are allowed to free access to all its premises, including lawn,  toilets, showers, sports area (for  tennis, basketball, football or wall handball), shaded picnic area, ... In summer it's the social centre of the community where parents can communicate with locals while children play freely with the other visitors' kids.

Are dogs allowed in the home?

Yes. you can take your dog with you, as there's plenty of space outdoors. However dogs should sleep in the garage or wood room, avoiding furniture scratching or hairs on the stone walls.

Is there a doctor in the village?

Yes. The doctor attends patients in the morning. For emergencies, people can call the doctor on duty or go to the area hospital in Morata de Jalón or Calatayud. In Spain there's a free universal health service for any individual who is in Spain.

Is there the Internet?

Yes, the home has free Internet access flat rate 10 Mb.
Does the house have a home telephone? Yes, customers can receive calls on the home private telephone and also make free calls to any national home telephones (starting with 9...). For the rest (international + mobile phones) we only apply the basic fares.

Is there enough roaming for mobile phones?

Foreign mobile phones can work under WiFi with the house Internet ADSL roaming through Movistar.

Shall we take our linen?

No, clean sheets, towels and blankets are provided by  the home at the beginning of the stay.

Have you got a cot for a baby?

Yes, we can include baby cots in any double room if needed.

Are there any food stores in the village?

Yes, opposite the Iglesia de la Virgen there's a store and bakery where you can find food and cleaning products for the home. If you need a bigger supermarket, you can go to  Morata de Jalón, La Almunia (30 min.) or Calatayud (45 min.). In and around Zaragoza (1 h) there are many big shopping centres such as Puerto Venecia, Plaza Imperial, Grancasa and Augusta.

Is there a restaurant in the village?

Yes, but only at weekends. Restaurant "Mesón Mudéjar". Only with previous booking. Call 626 384 376 / 659 251 449. You can also have tapas in the Bar "Teleclub".

Are there any pubs?

In Tobed there's the pub "El Teleclub" in  plaza de San Pedro, with outside terrace. Its prices are really convenient and you can be served drinks in "Mesón Mudéjar" as well.

Is there much noise?

No, apart from an occasional tractor or animal voices, the home remains exceptionally silent  specially  for those urban customers used to traffic noise.

Is it cold in the house?

No, there's central heating in the main building, so a temperature of about 20º C can be established even in the coldest periods.

Is there air conditioning?

Yes, there's air conditioning in the upper rooms, where it's hotter in summer. We can say that due to the lounge position, with an underground wall and the shade effect from our big trees, make it easy to stay cool in the hottest months.

Is the home sunny?

Yes, the main orientation is East, so it has morning sunshine. For those loving sunbathing, in the afternoons there's also the outside area over the cellar.

Are there shade areas  outdoors?

Yes we have many trees, specially a hundred-year-old walnut tree which gives us sunshade all day long.

Is the house hard to find?

No. There is no problem if you follow the directions which appear in the web page "Whereabouts" till you see a tile with the door- knocker icon of "Vivienda de Turismo Rural"

 Which is the best season to go?

Although it depends on the particular needs and the available free time the clients may have, the season with the most impressing landscape goes from March to May, when most fruit trees are in blossom  (almond trees, peach trees, plum trees, pear trees, cherry trees, etc) forming natural colour carpets in the mountains.


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