Un océano de paz en el Sistema Ibérico

Los Abuelos

Slope: Sierra de Algairén

Distance: 1 - 2 km

Time: 30 - 45 min


        This easy itinerary takes us from the village, passing the remains of some old pottery workshops with rests of their production, to the mountain Saint Valentine opposite Tobed, headed by a little church and the ruins of the castle. Back behind it can be seen an area of strong erosion with natural geologic formations in the shape of columns (Los Abuelos).

            Go down Barranco de Valdeolivo, cross the road and turn left. You'll see this house. Turn right towards the bridge.

            Cross the bridge.

            Once on the other side of the bridge, we’ll take the track opposite, between remains of the old pottery workshops of Tobed, which were active till the plastic age.

Remains of an old pottery oven

               Go up the track, turn right and zigzag to the top

            One on the summit, you can have a look at the hermitage, the rest of the castle and its walls, or have a panoramic view of Tobed and a great extent of the Grio valley. Specially attractive is the site “Los Abuelos” behind, where it’s said that the old potters took clay for their work.

View of the reamins of the castle and hermit

View of the erosion area of "Los Abuelos"


            To come back to the village, you can take the same track you used on the way up, or for the daring ones, it’s possible to go down the Abuelos to the ravine of the Little Snake (Barranco de la Culebrilla) and back to the river Grio (often devoid of water) and to Tobed.

Descent along the same track we came uphill (left) or optional descent towards barranco de la Culebrilla (right)

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