Un océano de paz en el Sistema Ibérico

Fuente Molina

Slope: Sierra de Vicort

Distance: 2 Km

Time: 1.30 - 2 h)


            To start this route, from Casa “El Molino”, follow the road up the stream along the alphalt road. 

            In some 30 minutes we'll reach a cabin with a solar pane on its roof, which keeps the water well which is piped to the village for domestic use.

            Once in there, DON'T take the wide trail on the left wich runs uphill (unless you're driving). Take the small trail at the end and follow it up stream till you can find the wide trail again. Just past this place is Fuente Molina, before a pine forest. It has a cement table and benches, and a cabin. Also a pair of holly trees, protected species in Aragón

         To come down to the village, you can take a different way. From Fountain Molina come down to the main track and turn left. After some time, you’ll find a  rather steep diversion on your right. Turn right there. DON'T take the path on the left as it would take you far from the village. Descend to Tobed following this track downhill.

            You’ll come to the upper side of the village and going down that road you’ll come to the square and the church of the Virgen, then through the arch on the right (Pasajes) you’re back in Barranco de Valdeolivo again.

Entrance to the village on the right, along the old Camino de Calatayud

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