Un océano de paz en el Sistema Ibérico

Fuente El Ribazo

Slope: Sierra de Vicort

Distance: 2 Km.

Time: 1-1.30 h


            For this easy walk you only have to follow the main road towards Codos. Fountain El Ribazo has traditionally been a popular picnic place for families and friends in summertime. It can be done by car (2 Km. Tobed – El Ribazo) but if you walk, you can see several species of fruit trees in the fields beside the road. It’s specially attractive in Spring when these trees are in their blossom creating truly colourful “carpets” in the valley.

            In the road there aren’t any shoulders, so you must always walk on the left side of the road, to see the cars which may approach you. There’s scarce traffic in the area and the drivers are used to see people walking on the edges of the road, so there have never been any pedestrian accidents along this way.

            To have this walk you only have to go down Barranco de Valdeolivo till the main road. Then turn right and go along the road for 2 Km (approximately 1.3 miles). You’ll find the fountain on the right-hand side. There are some concrete tables and benches nearby where you can picnic under the shade of trees.

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