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Trekking IN TOBED

             An interesting activity, healthy and easy to do in Tobed is trekking through both ranges of mountains which form the valley of the Grío, sierra de Vicort and Sierra de Algairén. We offer a group of routes to be done within the day, in close contact with Nature. Where possible, we indicate a fountain where you can stop and eat a sandwich with pure water. The route can be done on foot or car on non-asphalted roads.

          In autumn, both ranges are very valued for mushroom pickers, especially the abundant orange "rebollones" which grow in the ground of the pine forests.

            In summer it is advisable to start your route not much later than 7.00 AM to avoid the strong sun on your way back to the house.

            In any case you must wear strong boots, bring water and some food, a trekking pole and your mobile, just in case.

            From lowest to biggest difficulty we propose the following itineraries, showing the approximate time both ways on foot:





(30-45 min.)



(1 - 1.30 h.)


(1.30 - 2 h.) 


(3 - 4 h.) 


(4 - 5 h.)

                For more information (in Spanish), see the website  Senderos de Tobed , published by its council.

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