Un océano de paz en el Sistema Ibérico

Rock climbing

             In the area we suggest, following upwards the river Isuela, rock climbing in Morata de Jalón and Calcena.

             To start with, you have to go to Morata de Jalón. Drive towards motorway A2 and when you reach the round about just before it, take the exit which leads to the road to Morata de Jalón. Once in the village,when you find a square on your right, turn right by the side road, go past an arch and drive down the road till the river Jalón. It's near there.

             If you want to go to Calcena, once in Morata  go past the main square (palace of earl of Morata), turn right, cross the railway and the river Jalón. You'll drive past some small villages, Chodes (interesting square), Arándiga, Mesones (mediaeval castle), Tierga, Trasobares and finally Calcena.

Rock climbing in Morata de Jalón and Calcena. Castle of Mesones de Isuela  

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